Jim Kelly Tone Ranger Studio  
‘Leigh Carriage has turned a corner and opened a door into a whole other world of musical offerings on her new album ‘Weave’.  Having known Leigh’s work intimately for 20 years plus this, in my opinion, is by far her most creative work and the album that I personally have been waiting for.  The music is adventurous, challenging whilst maintaining a sense of memorable melodic invention. This is all coupled with heartfelt lyrics and extremely interesting arranging ideas, textures and settings.  I feel I am in a good place to make these kinds of comments as I mixed the album, obviously in close collaboration with Leigh. I believe Leigh has truly found her creative spirit on ‘Weave’ and look forward to future developments from this point on.’ 

Katie Noonan Artistic Director Queensland Music Festival  
‘Leigh Carriage is an exceptional and unique Australian voice. Like Joni, she weaves intriguing melodies and stories that take you on a compelling journey. Coupled with a gorgeous tone and wonderful intonation - she is without a doubt a leader in the upper echelons of the wonderful Australian female jazz firmament.’  
Paul Cutlan Saxophonist Sydney
‘Weave’ - it's a very beautiful and wonderfully crafted album. I love so much about it: the compositions, the variety of instrumentation, the recorded sound (Pughouse), great musicians and playing. But at the core of it, your voice is so honest and never affecting or imitating, no matter what style each piece references. Your diction is clear and your intonation is faultless. You have a simple way of telling a story that draws one in. I often ignore words, but not the way you relate them. Congratulations!!!’ 

Weave by Leigh Carriage, review by Barry O’Sullivan (ABC)
'Weave is a collection of ten original heartfelt songs representing key events and milestones in the Byron Bay vocalist Leigh Carriage’s life. This poignant and beautifully crafted collection of original compositions subjecting nature, complicated love, atonements to dear friends and a tragic event that changed her life make up her fifth album following on from the success of her highly acclaimed Mandarin Skyline. Woven into the fabric of this album is the musical input from an extremely impressive line up of mainly Melbourne based top-flight musicians to compliment Carriage’s creative output. With Steve Russell on piano, Steve Magnusson on guitar, Danny Fisher on drums, Frank Di Dario and Brendan Clarke alternating on bass there are also outstanding contributions from the horns of Julien Wilson, Carl Mackey, Phil Noy and Angela Davis plus numerous others on strings and vocals. The album emanates feelings of joy, passion and pain and an overall mood of introspection. On the outstanding tracks Blank Slate and Catapult (dedicated to fellow Byron Bay musician the late saxophonist Dave Ades) Carriage attains her star status vocally with faultless technique, sublime control and some very fine scatting. Rhythm Section: Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Frank Di Sario (bass), Steve Russell (piano) and Danny Fischer (drums). Horns: Julien Wilson, Carl Mackey, Phil Noy, Angela Davis, Tony Buchannan and Carlo Barbaro. Strings: Lizzy Welsh, Charlotte Jack, Natasha Conrau and Anna Webb.’ Weave 2016 Weave 2016