Any Day Now

Welcome, I am very excited to be releasing my new original album
Mandarin Skyline with Vitamin Records in February, 2013. How would I describe it...recorded at Studio 301 this year, mixed in LA and lets see. A departure? Something a bit different.  Why don't you have a listen and you tell me?

In actual fact, I've been very busy and have another album that is coming out this year. It's called Get Out Of Town and is within the Jazz music spectrum. A selection of memorable songs and featuring incredible musicians, it is beautifully recorded and produced, Suze's photography and Heidi's artwork are take a look, have a listen and drop me a note.


This was a stellar line-up! 

Melbourne Jazz Co-operative and the Alliance of Melbourne Women improvising Musicians present

MELBOURNE WOMENS JAZZ FESTIVAL 2000 at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club featuring  

  • Hustas-Keller Duo & Andrea Keller Octet  
  • Margie Lou Dyer Quartet & Judy Jacques  
  • Morgana  
  • Belinda Moody & Michelle Nicolle  
  • Jenny Game Quartet plus Peter Neville  
  • I Play You Say & Fiona Burnett Trio  
  • Leigh Carriage Quintet  
  • Blurt ( With Raju Sharma )  
  • Sandy Evans Project & Madam  
  • Festival Sextet featuring Sandy Evans  

3rd - 10th December 2000