Project: Weave

My parents were weavers; my father wove wire in broken toys, car engines and cassette machines, and weaved healing on skinned knees, my mother weaved fabrics, wools and weaved her magic in the soil.  Much like them I too weave - melody and word, and together with David, Thierry and Steve we will weave songs.  Joni Mitchell wrote we are 'condemned to wires and hammers, strike every chord that you feel'. 

Please come to an evening of music weaving combining wood, metal, muscle and wire.

18th August
Platinum Lounge

David Sanders (Wood, Metal, Pedals, Skins n Sticks)
Thierry Fossemalle (Wood and Long Wound Wires)
Steve Russell (Wood, Plastic, Wires, Speakers and Pedals)
Leigh Carriage (Metal, Wire, Speakers and Muscles)

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