"Have your new CD on high rotation in my life - in car, in studio while I work, on ipod while jogging-love it!!!!! Especially track 7- Breaking Point!! but all of it." Sharon Jakovsky

‘Leigh is one of those rare vocalists whose incredible technical skill simply serves her profound sensitivity, her power as a performer, and her formidable musicianship. Listening to this wonderful ensemble is like being in the midst of an intense and fascinating conversation between the oldest of friends’ Imogen Wolf

"This album captures the warmth, depth, and masterful ease of Leigh’s voice. Her ability to capture the emotion of song and send it straight to the heart of the listener makes this album stand out. The album is timeless, wonderfully live, and complete. 'On Impulse' is a true reflection of this ensembles individual, and collective talent." Linda Cochrane

"This is such a beautiful album. Leigh's ability to communicate with depth and feeling is immediately obvious. She knows how to be more than a singer and with that mastery how to be utterly transparent as a human being. The entire band is brilliant in their support and musicianship. An absolute 'must buy' for any good music collection." Sally Marrett

“I really love (On Impulse)... It's the first time I've really been able to 'hear' what you do... Your point of view – your voice in all its glory! Song choices are great and your originals are too. The fact that it's 'live' is just great!" Ingrid James

"This album (On Impulse) makes me reminise on live performances of Leigh's which I have gratefully witnessed. In each song I am still to find something new and delicious to my ears, which to me is the sign of an album of one who possesses something very special. Leigh is one of Australia's top vocalists." Zoe Kalenderidis

"An astonishing album that truly reflects the purity and depth of Leigh's vocal styling. A very satisfying sound that cuts to the core both musically and emotionally." Imogen Pemberton

"It goes without saying that Leigh Carriage is one very very fine vocalist, musician and story-teller. Her sublime technique allows her to communicate the totality of the human experience. Her warm honey tones envelope the listener in a place that is primal and safe - playing deftly on the heart strings. Then all at once Leigh will surprise and delight with her outstanding vocal agility and flawless musicianship - an intelligent and generous musical offering." Anita Bellman

"With moving ballads such as 'You Can Let Go Now' to vibrant up-tunes like 'I Feel So Smoochie' this album epitomizes contemporary jazz vocal music-and it won't disappoint!" Tace McNamara

‘This album is extremely real as I feel like I am watching her live. I can hear her smile and her heart in her voice. Leigh's compositions are so original and they are my favourite on the album. Can't wait for an album full of originals.’ Lauren Lucille

"Leigh's amazing voice gives me goose-bumps. One of my favourite songs on this album is When Morning Comes". Great piano and sung with such depth....just love this whole album. Would love to see her sing "live"!!!’ Jennifer Ferguson

"I love this album from Leigh. I can really feel the heart in her voice. The band cooks!! Love the sound without a drummer. The original tunes are beautiful and the others she's chosen are just perfect around her originals. Wish I'd been at the gig!! " Sharon Jakovsky

"I haven’t heard an album that has caught my complete attention in a long time, but this recording is definitely a winner. It just has so much going on. World-class musicianship, so versatile and dynamic, meaningful lyrics, powerful emotion and a great overall sound. The fact that it’s a live album adds to the intimacy and makes you feel as if the band is right there with you. Guaranteed to have you wanting more." Ronny Smith

"Impulsibly Beautiful. ‘Amazingly talented musicians. Beautiful instrumentation. Sensitively sung. An album that invites you into its warmth." Belinda Kelly

‘On Impulse is soulful, masterful, musical, inspiring and heart felt. It is a very rare ability to be able to translate emotion and vibe into hard copy. On Impulse achieves this and so much more. With exquisite musicianship and mastery this album encapsulates the very essence of what music is about. An absolute joy!!’ Ella Mingaye

The warmth, peace and confidence of Leigh’s soul shines through in her vocals. Completely real and truthful, the songs demand attention from the listener. Her ability to constantly remain humble to her originality leaves anyone who has the pleasure to listen smiling with adoration. A musical blessing!! Lydia Story

‘On Impulse' has been and will for a long time remain in the 'most played' list on my ipod. The live recording allows Leigh's exuberant personality to shine through even more so than usual. An amazing singer and a remarkable band guarantee you'll appreciate the musical excellence of this album’. Tace McNamara

‘Leigh Carriage is a source of inspiration for any aspiring vocalist. She is technically flawless and creates haunting melodies with her warm, rich tone, as in 'Boat on the Sea'. Being a skilled and versatile musician she also incorporates playful twang and soulful sob techniques throughout the album to evoke a multitude of emotional responses from the listener. Leigh has an exquisite feel for jazz, sitting well inside the groove set by the host of talented musicians featured on this album, effortlessly communicating her great musicianship to grateful ears’. Annie Murray